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Solutions We Offer:

At Platinum DB, we offer a number of solutions to improve SAP usability and user experience.  If you do not see a solution that we offer, we'll gladly work with you to help you come up with a solution that meets your requirements.

SAP Desktop Analyzer™ for Excel


Desktop Analyzer™ combines the usability, power, and familiarity of Excel with the enterprise integrity and scope of SAP PPM.


The Desktop Analyzer™ suite of tools provides an Excel front-end to SAP’s Portfolio and Project Management module, allowing users to update and analyze large quantities of data quickly and easily.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) For Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)


This SAP qualified rapid-deployment solution facilitates improved decision support for realizing short term and long term financial planning objectives for an enterprises' capital, O&M and commercial projects. By combining the usability features of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) - Microsoft Excel interface and analytics - with the enterprise robustness of SAP Portfolio and Project Management, PPM, for data integrity, customers benefit from an integrated system and data repository - with consistent look and feel - for project planning, forecasting and budgeting.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for Capital Project Management (CA-PM)


  • Based on SAP's new CPM solution

  • Managing Issues and Change Orders

  • Analysis for Excel Forecasting Models

  • Estimating Models at WBS and/or Network Activity Level

  • PPM Integration Accelerator via BPM

Multi-Resource Scheduling (MRS) RDS


Every business delivers its customer projects using some form of project management tools.. The degree to which projects are efficiently planned and executed dictates the success and outcomes of these projects. Most organizations place a heavy reliance on MS Project and/or MS Excel for budgeting, forecasting, estimating and even scheduling projects.


The Platinum DB MRS Project Planning and Execution solution facilitates improved customer delivery, cost and resource estimating for projects by combining the usability features of Analysis for Excel, PPM, and user friendly Web-based front-end.



EZEE-TMS provides fully operational timesheet functionality that tightly integrates with SAP PPM  and also provides necessary structures and objects for employee utilization reporting. EZEE-TMS uses resource pool relationship for time approval process. Once the time is released, resource pool managers can view the time and either approve or reject it using user-friendly approval screen.


Using EZEE-TMS, users can report how they spend their time on project and non-project activities by entering their hours and progress against project tasks, or non-project administrative tasks. EZEE-TMS will allow resources to track time against active projects tasks.

SAP PPM Optimization Workbench™ SAP PPM™ + SmartOrg Porfolio Navigator™


Bringing people and data together via a single cockpit — The PPM Optimization Workbench is a fully integrated strategic and operational project/portfolio management system. The system analyzes economic value, risk and uncertainty and provides the information needed to manage your projects to obtain the highest return on your R&D and product development investments.


The optimization workbench seemlessly integrates SAP Portfolio and Project Management and SmartOrg Portfolio Navigator™ value-based management software together.

NPDIFirst™,  ITFirst™, and UTFirst™


Platinum DB Consulting, a leader in developing innovative solutions that enhance and extend SAP’s standard out of the box functionality, introduces the NPDIfirst™ & ITfirst™ solution. The solutions are specifically designed for R&D and IT business organizations.


The NPDIfirst™ & ITfirst™ solution each feature a preconfigured PPM/cProjects and BI system as a backbone of the solution’s offering. A preconfigured PPM/cProjects and BI System will jump start your training, blueprint and implementation by pre-populating your SAP PPM system (PPM/cProjects & BI) with sample industry portfolio /project templates, reports and master data.



  • PPM RDS for PS/FI

  • Financial Planning / Budgeting Integration

  • Funds Management Integration

  • Grants Management Integration

  • Grants Management Research Dashboard

  • Issues Managment & Dashboard

  • Project Change Management & Dashboard

  • Long Term Capital Planning Dashboard

  • RDS for Capital Long Term Planning

  • RDS for NPDI and IT (NPDIFirst™ and ITFirst™)

  • Strategy Management Integration

  • PS Integration Accelerator


Pre-configured Systems


NPDIfirst™ preconfigured system is a best-in-class implementation of SAP PPM, cProjects and Business Intelligence. It is specific to new product development processes, including stage gating and Portfolio & Project Management (PPM).


The average cost of a NPDIfirst™ preconfigured system implementation is under $100,000 and customers can go live in as little as 13 weeks!The NPDIfirst™ preconfigured PPM solution is designed for rapid implementation for the New Product Development and Research & Development industry. It enables companies to significantly reduce their project costs, time lines, training costs, and overall effort to deploy PPM/cProjects (PPM). NPDIfirst™ components compliment SAP's PPM solution by extending and/or enhancing PPM/cProjects standard functionality.

Portfolio Management & Project Management Business Objects Reporting



  • Comprehensive dashboarding and reporting offerings from SAP BusinessObjects


  • Empower your Executives, Business Users and IT Department to leverage interactive, reliable reporting and visually stunning, accurate dashboards on your mobile devices.


  • Provide visibility into the timely, relevant data you need to overcome your unique challenges and succeed in today's economy. 

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