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From Conception to Production...

From Conception to Production...

PDB brings a proven implementation methodology that has successfully supported customer Go Lives.


Platinum DB Consulting, Inc. (PDB) is a certified SAP consulting and services partner and an Oracle Gold partner that has been delivering high-quality services and solutions globally since 1999. Over 100 Fortune 500 companies operating in North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America have placed their trust in PDB professionals to deliver innovative solutions to the most challenging Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (EPPM), Project System, SAC Analytics, SAC x(P&A), BTP, BTP, BPC, BI-Integrated Planning, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) problems. 


PDB offers Business Services, Technology Services, Education and Training, plus Value Added BTP Solutions. 


  • Business Services – Functional Consulting, Business Case Assessments, Technical Consulting, Process Improvement Consultation, Break-fix, Hosting, and S4 HANA Cloud Deployments. 

  • Support Service-Functional, Technical, and Infrastructure support services.  We utilize Jira Cloud tools to manage tickets and collaborate with our customers. 

  • Technology Services – Application Development, BTP Cloud Development, Microsoft Development, and System Integration and Support.

  • Education and Training – EPPM and Project System Courses and Knowledge Transfer.


  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) – we will work with your organizational change management team and bring our organizational change management team to prepare you for a successful EPPM implementation.   

  • Value Added Solutions – Industry/Domain/Application.


Our EPPM offering incorporates many best practices including Portfolio Management CII (Construction Industry Institute) process templates, robust SAC Analytic CDS and HANA view EPPM content, delegation of authority workflow models, Business Process Management visual workflow, and BTP solutions such as our Construction Field Application. Our Field App can be used on an iPad or Android to capture installation details, work progress notes, and upload hundreds of pictures with attributes. 


All of this content can be used to produce a Daily Diary Output.  We work with customers that are CII members.  Our customers have implemented CII stage gate best practices on paper.  They are looking to complement these paper processes with SAP EPPM CII solutions. This is where Platinum DB can play a role.  Platinum DB offers a CII Solution. Platinum DB has customers in the Banking, Chemical, Transportation, Engineering, and Construction that utilize our solution.  


We believe passionately in what we do and the investment we make in the success of our customers and partners: 


  • PDB has made a significant investment in the Chicago-based Cloud Advanced Innovation Center (AIC) so that we can model and prototype the solutions we build and configure before implementation at the customer. 

  • The AIC houses multiple application landscapes that are used to demonstrate complete end-to-end processes across the entire EPPM ecosystem. 

  • The unique Platinum DB Live Blueprinting offering exploits the full power of the AIC to enable customers to visualize and model requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

  • We make the AIC available to SAP for demonstrations and proof of concepts to showcase the “art of the possible” using the latest SAP solutions. 


Another PDB operating principle is “build it once use it many times”. What does this mean for customers? Innovations, process improvements, and technological discoveries made during the course of client engagements and our own research, typically get rolled into the AIC landscapes and artifacts library. Savings that derive from not reinventing the wheel are passed on to clients in the form of lower implementation costs and faster time-to-value. The working environment that this philosophy engenders means that PDB is able to attract the best, brightest, and most motivated EPPM talent in the industry. 


Platinum DB SAP Partner


Platinum DB SAP Roadmap

Platinum DB Consulting (PDB) employs a Hybrid Agile / ASAP implementation methodology. Why a Hybrid methodology? The success of PDB’s customer SAP Solution is to a large degree determined by the speed and effectiveness of the PPM software to add value to your organization. That is why PDB is introduced “Hybrid Agile / ASAP Methodology”; a, practical implementation methodology that allows our customers to implement PPM functionality in short iterative cycles. Platinum DB starts with the most important business requirements. This enables customers to generate faster results, gain immediate insight into the value, increase the flexibility of the implementation and improve progress monitoring.


Platinum DB has the knowledge, methods, processes, experience, leadership, commitment and program management discipline to support a business led initiative to its successful conclusion in terms of time, cost, and quality. To achieve this, PDB’s seasoned professionals will partner with your project leaders to form goal orientated and highly motivated integrated delivery teams.


As a methodology, Platinum DB adheres to the Hybrid Agile / ASAP Methodology. The success of your SAP Solution is to a large degree determined by the speed and effectiveness of the software to add value to your organization. That is why PDB utilizes the “Hybrid Agile / ASAP Methodology”; a new, practical implementation methodology that allows you to implement PPM functionality in short iterative cycles. Starting with the most important one, enabling you to generate faster results, gain immediate insight into the value, increase the flexibility of the implementation and improve progress monitoring.


It is very common for Platinum DB Consulting to use the Hybrid Agile / ASAP implementation methodology and deliverable format. To complement this approach we offer a gated Quality Review methodology, which is led and managed via the business’s Project management team.


Below we have outlined a typical customer Hybrid Agile / ASAP Life Cycle. In order to clarify and communicate with a consistent taxonomy we have translated the Agile and ASAP phase terms to each other. We will use the SAP ASAP terms for presentation and delineation. The reason for this is be consistent with the Solution Manager tool. This tool will be used to support the project effort and provide a foundation for future maintenance and support.


  • Conception [Project Preparation]

  • Elaboration [Blueprint]

  • Construction [Realization]

  • Transition [Final Preparation]

  • Production Support [Go-Live]


Platinum DB commits to conduct the project in accordance with our Hybrid Agile / ASAP Methodology as outlined in this section. We will focus on using Hybrid Agile / ASAP Methodology as our roadmap and guideline. Where sensible, Platinum DB will omit those components where both customer and PDB do not find value. We will also unique accelerators and enhancements to the tool kit when they are found useful to a project of this nature.
























Since Platinum DB’s overall company reputation is tied to the success of your project, we are acutely focused on the above approach. Platinum Global will work with you on designing and implementing new processes that help PG&E to be flexible and responsive in order to more effectively meet the needs of different levels and functional groups within the organization.




Platinum DB brings a proven implementation methodology that has supported thousands of successful go lives. As always, Platinum DB is a willing partner with our customers to ensure future success in project opportunites. PDB will utilize a modified variation of the proven ASAP methodology through the use of the ASAP tool, ASAP Solution Manager. The Platinum DB implementation methodology is a proven, repeatable and successful approach to implement SAP solutions across industries and customer environments. With the base Solution manager Toolset and Platinum DB’s exclusive pre-configured and developed Utility solution we offer the best in structure and speed for our clients. By incorporating an Agile process into the ASAP framework we get the benefits of both methodologies. The diagram below shows the incorporation of Sprints and Delta realizations during the Construction or Realization Phase. This with the use of Platinum DB’s Utility Solution as a Value Add-in provides the best of all worlds. This enables us to deliver faster and meet more requirements than any other Solution integrator.
































Another unique enhancement the Platinum Solution offers is Live-Blueprinting. We incorporate and provide a live SAP PPM solution to help demo and model the business requirements and enable the business to see and drive a live system. This impowers exponential benefits in understanding and defining the requirements. The Organizational acceptance and improved Change Management is exceptional with this.
























The major benefits of the ASAP implementation methodologies are:


  • Transparent, proven approach - This approach helps the project team to really work together and to reduce implementation time, costs and risks.

  • Better results - Base your project on the experiences others made before. Both hard facts as well as soft skills are addressed.

  • Knowledge management - Use the Implementation Roadmap for ASAP solutions to gather knowledge on how to organize and run your implementation projects.



Phases of the Agile/ASAP Implementation Roadmap:


  • Conception - The project is formally initiated and planning is well under way.

  • Elaboration - The project team gathers requirements and conducts conceptual design of the solution.

  • Construction - The system solution is built and integration tested; end-users are trained.

  • Transition - Authorization is provided to cut over to the new system solution.

  • Production Support - The solution confirmation and project closure are obtained.



Each phase has a set of deliverables that are produced during the duration of the phase and serve as the input to follow-up phases. Each deliverable provides a list of outputs and consists of methods that are used to produce the deliverable.


ASAP incorporates standard design templates and accelerators covering every functional area within the system, as well as supporting all implementation processes. Complementing the ASAP accelerators, PDB creates a comprehensive project plan, covering the overall project, project staffing plan, and each sub-process such as system testing, communication and data migration. Milestones are set for every work path, and progress is carefully tracked by the project management team.

Platinum DB SAP Roadmap


Platinum DB SAP Implementation
Platinum DB SAP Iterative Approach

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