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Improve innovation efficiency, assure product traceability, lower cost of rework and redundancy, and create new efficiencies in the product development processes.

NDPIfirst™ Portfolio & Project Management
Rapid Deployment Solution:
Portfolio & Project Management

Reduce Deployment Time and Accelerate Benefits to User Organizations. Getting new products to market in a timely fashion and assuring the quality of the product is one of the biggest challenges facing the Research and Development (R&D) industry today. To overcome these business challenges, leading R&D companies are turning to SAP Portfolio & Project Management (PPM) solutions.


Deploying SAP PPM can:


  • Improve innovation efficiency.

  • Assure product traceability

  • Lower cost of rework and redundancy. 

  • Create new efficiencies in their product development processes



NPDIfirst™  system provides clients with a cost-effective way to realize the benefits  of PPM. NPDIfirst™ combines world-class PPM expertise and implementation methodology with SAP's PPM suite and partner solutions to allow you to manage all aspects of Portfolio & Project Management. A NPDIfirst™ system can help your company reduce time and resource demands and achieve rapid benefits.


NPDIfirst™ is offered in hosted and non-hosted models. The hosted model includes hardware, operating system, VPN software, software, system administration/backups, and hot-line support.



What is a NPDIfirst™ PPM System?

It enables companies to reduce:


  • Project costs.

  • Timelines.

  • Training costs.

  • Overall effort to deploy PPM significantly.


NPDIfirst™ components compliment SAP's PPM solution and SmartOrg’s optimization engine, which manages all aspects of innovation, from portfolio and project management, to management of documents, suppliers, bills of materials, and quality. Traditionally, PPM implementations cost more than $500,000 and require anywhere from 18 to 26 weeks to deploy. By comparison, the average cost of a NPDIfirst™ RDS PPM implementation is $150,000, and a company can go live in 13 weeks.

NPDIfirst™ is the best-in-class implementation of SAP PPM, BPC, Business Objects, and Business Process Management. It is specific to new product development processes, including stage gating and Portfolio & Project Management (PPM). An NPDIfirst™  PPM solution is designed for rapid implementation for the New Product Development and Research & Development industry.



NPDIfirst™ Implementation Methodology

The NPDIfirst™ Implementation Methodology is a comprehensive blend of strategy, technology, people and process skills focused on business objectives to drive early stakeholder alignment and faster benefit realization.


To ensure a successful implementation, the NPDIfirst™ team guides your key people, processes and changes throughout the process, working with a cross- functional core team. A NPDIfirst™ system jump starts your implementation by pre-populating SAP's PPM solution with project templates, sample portfolios, projects, and reports to minimize your design and configuration effort. RDS includes base data, workflows and profiles based on NPDI / R&D industry best practices.

NPDIfirst™ Integration Readiness

To broaden the scope of the sand box, the SAP NPDIfirst™ PPM system is configured to enable integration with BPC, SAP FI/CO and HR. This helps to simulate your actual landscape and to facilitate smooth implementation of enterprise services. The offering delivers methodology, documentation and is pre-configured to enable rapid, reliable deployment with quick return on investment.


The NPDIfirst™ solution is a configured and installed on a SAP landscape for innovation and exploration. It offers a unique opportunity for you to create prototypes using pre-populated data and templates.

PPM Rapid Deployment Solution

Benefits: NPDIfirst™ PPM System

  • Test-drive PPM in your business environment without disruption

  • Enable hands-on experience with practical examples

  • SAP ECC;  SAP NetWeaver; Master Data Management; Business Intelligence; Interactive Forms; Business Objects, BPC, PPM Workbench and BPM.

  • Interact with solutions using the most advanced business process technologies:   



Pre-populated Security Model

  • Pre-defined organizations, roles and privileges for users


Pre-defined workflows

  • Pre-defined workflows represent best-in-class


Excel Integration

  • Used to support master data maintenance, financial and capacity planning, and workforce planning


Delivered Business Object Real-Time Reporting processes business processes

  • Business Objects driven innovation reports


Get a Head Start on Your PPM Project

By pre-populating SAP's standard out-of-the-box PPM solution with NPDIfirst™ PPM pre-configured system, the complexity, time, and effort to roll out PPM to your company is dramatically reduced so you can start realizing the benefits faster than ever before.

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