Every business pursues its corporate objectives through programs and projects. The degree to which projects are efficiently planned and executed dictates the success and outcomes of these projects. Most organizations place a heavy reliance on MS Excel for budgeting, forecasting, estimating and even scoring projects.



The Rapid Deployment Solution for Enterprise Project Planning using BPC and PPM facilitates improved decision support for planning projects by combining the usability features of SAP BPC with the enterprise robustness of SAP PPM.

Business Challenges:


Do you have problems with:


  • Lack of visibility into project status and data

  • Inefficient collaboration across the project planning process

  • Excessive manual data input and errors

  • No standard repository for project planning data

  • Minimal automation of approval process workflow

  • Handling multiple versions of spreadsheets

  • Inaccurate estimates and forecasts as a result of complexity in the "As-Is" selection process

Business Benefits:


The Rapid Deployment Solution for Enterprise Project Planning using BPC and PPM helps:


  • Reduce project failure rates through better planning –estimating, budgeting and forecasting

  • Minimize project overrun costs via improved project transparency

  • Decrease the number of low-value projects through standard project scorecards and business cases

  • Reduce administration efforts through dashboards and status reports

Enabling Advanced EPPM Decision Support:

The optimum EPPM ecosystem provides stakeholders with the means to efficiently model, plan and manage investment in programs, initiatives and projects that support defined enterprise and/or LoB strategies and objectives. By harnessing the high usability features of BPC, the power of Project System and  the “Single Source of Truth” attributes of PPM, organizations gain control of and visibility to all items in their portfolio.

Solution Key Features:

  • Delivers a familiar and consistent interface for planning, forecasting, and budgeting

  • Enables multi-project updating using enhanced MS Excel functions and UI

  • Tightly integrates financial in PPM including real-time updates

  • Handles local and global currency requirements facilitating real-time reporting

  • Supplements core PPM functionality by adding cross-bucket project planning

  • Provides real-time ad hoc reporting and analysis

  • Enhances collaboration and communication by enabling recording of explanations and comments (e.g. variances) in worksheets

  • Delivers built-in business process flows 

Business Process Flow

PPM Financial Planning

Real-Time Analysis

Process Diagram

Solution Landscape Overview

Additional Packaged BPC Solutions from Platinum DB 

Strategic (Top-Down) Planning


  • Helps prioritize strategy and demand to maximize portfolio returns.

  • Defines a strategic high-level yearly forecasts and visualize the alignment of operational plans to the overall goals of the company.

  • Uses the top-down and bottom-up planning capability to assess actual performance of projects against the strategic plan.

Top-Down Planning



Labor & Financial Planning


  • Analyze available capacity across multiple portfolios to make certain you are staffing the highest value opportunities.

  • Long-term capacity planning (strategic) and short-term labor planning (detailed).

  • Maintain yearly rates.

  • Calculate labor costs and compare strategic, tactical and actual costs.

  • Integrate actuals from ECC.



Labor Planning


Financial Planning Strategic vs Tactical


Strategic vs Tactical Planning View


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