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One of Many Testimonials:

"Platinum has assisted us in multiple projects starting back in the spring of 2001. This involved resolving, quite successfully, difficulties we were have in settling production orders and product costing issues. (We are a discrete manufacturer using engineer to order, configure to order, make to order and make to stock.)


Since January of this year we have installed SAP at an international production plant (full shop floor production execution, inventory management, MRP, product data management), delivered profitability analysis, developed a more complete cost flow model, turned on profit center accounting, more fully utilized cost center accounting, delivered key performance indicators among other functionality. They have also assisted Acorn in recruiting SAP experienced employees for our Center of Excellence.


Platinum DB has been very responsive to our needs and deliverables. We have been very pleased with the quality of the personnel you have provided us. They are very knowledgeable and are quick to understand the requirements, deliverables and timelines.


Platinum DB has always been cognizant of the project costs. For example, you have provided remote consulting where it has made sense thus reducing the travel costs. We feel the rates are reasonable considering the quality of the consultants provided.


Thank you for the opportunity to give you some feedback."


Acorn EngineeringVP - CFO/CIO

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