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SAP Innovation Management

SAP Innovation Management

An ideation platform powered by SAP HANA to turn ideas into innovations – fast, flexible and integrated.


SAP Innovation Management is a solution to collect and validate ideas. It helps managing idea campaigns from the first idea to the validated and value-generating concept.

Business Benefits:


  • Accelerate the ideation phase – turn ideas into concepts faster.

  • Run an Innovation Office to help evaluate and manage ideas throughout the pipeline.

  • Bridge innovation silos across functions, business units, and geographies.

  • Foster interdisciplinary team building for better idea development.

  • Encourage employees to participate in the ideation process.

  • View, share, and discuss ideas with peers anytime, anywhere,

Successfully Manage your Ability to Innovate End to End

R&D / Product Innovation: Solution Components

SAP Innovation Management Solution at a Glance

Product Overview

Campaigns in SAP Innovation Management Define Campaigns to get Innovation Started

Idea Submission in SAP Innovation Management Simple Contribution of Ideas & Innovations

Collaboration in SAP Innovation Management Simple Contribution of Ideas & Innovations

Evaluation in SAP Innovation Management Score Ideas and Measure Market Potential

Project Work after SAP Innovation Management: The Link Between an Idea & Its Realization

Idea Community

Idea Management

Mobile Client


Configuration & Extensibility


SAP Portfolio & Project Management Integration


Other Functions


Architecture Overview


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