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Building a SAP HANA EPPM Solution and Migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution in 4 Steps

Platinum DB Custom SAP HANA EPPM Solution &
Migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage Solution

Platinum DB’s SAP Project and portfolio management (EPPM) solution expertise is ever expanding.


We are so proud of our latest implementation with one of our heavy equipment clients.


With our assistance they deployed a SAP Cloud EPPM solution tailored to their needs and are now utilizing the cloud with Azure. This all was accomplished by completing four main tasks.   

1. Upgrading to SAP HANA

What are the benefits?

  • In memory data platform (IMDB).

  • Advanced analytics processing.

  • Built for performance.

Platinum DB SAP-HANA-AZURE-2019

SAP’s latest version is better, faster than ever and built for performance. SAP HANA in memory data platform (IMDB) facilitates faster response times and advanced analytics processing.

2. Creating Custom SAP PPM Software Solution 

Key capabilities:

  • Easy to use project scheduling tools.

  • Process Modeling(BPM) tools to create and control stage gating.

PDB Stage Gate Process Model Tools

Easy to use Project Scheduling Engine

PDB Project Scheduling Engine

Flexible Process Modeling (BPM) Tools Taking Workflows to the Next Level

PDB Flexible process modeling (BPM) tools

3. Live Blue Printing Hosted in Platinum DB's Cloud

  • Design

  • Test

  • Validate

  • All in Platinum DB's Cloud Environment Prior to Go-Live

Live Blue Printing Platinum DB

Each custom SAP EPPM solutions is built in Platinum DB’s own cloud test environment ensuring that when the new system is live it fulfills the client’s methodology.

4. Zero Downtime Migration of SAP PPM to Azure

Key Benefits:

  • On-Time, On-Budget Fixed Price Migration.

  • Handle all migration tasks including: planning, sizing, and secure networking. 

  • Complete support provide by highly skilled and proficient SAP OS/DB certified consultants.

  • Migration to Azure accomplished without any unnecessary shutdowns.


Platinum DB Operating System and Database Migration to Azure

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