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SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

Project System Financial Planning & Forecasting Models to Support FPA Process

PDB Analytics Cloud: Project System Financial Planning & Forecasting Models to Support FPA Process

Easy to use SAP SAC Cloud-Based Financial Planning and Forecasting Models for Finance and Project Managers.


At PDB, we focus on the customer experience and UX. PDB has designed the SAP Project System (PS), Project and Portfolio Management(PPM), Commercial Project Management (CPM), and Cost Center Accounting Financial Planning models in a flexible manner so that Financial Planners, Project Manager, and Business Analysts have easy to use and robust tools to forecast and report on project results. The results can be saved to SAP S4, if required.

The financial planning models can be utilized to organize, prioritize, approve, plan, budget, and forecast projects.



At a Glance

Platinum DB’s analytics accelerators provide industry-standard cross-functional Virtual Data Models (VDMs) and embedded analytics offerings in the areas of PLM, Project Systems, Finance and Controlling and S/4 HANA. 

Platinum DB brings forward two decades of cross-functional expertise in providing pre-delivered reporting content that can be plugged in across various industry verticals.

Platinum DB offers competitive accelerators that can be tailored to work with HANA or non-HANA platforms.

Business Challenges

Do you have problems with:

  • Realization to real-time reporting.

  • VDM content Expertise ( S/4, Suite on HANA, HANA Live content, CDS Views and ABAP platform-independent Interfaces).

  • BW Integrated Planning and BPC Integration with VDMs.

  • BW Architecture and Business Objects UX best practices.

  • Expertise on Business Objects suite of Products (Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Lumira, Predictive Analytics, Analysis for Office products and SAP Analytics Cloud).

  • Setting up Fiori based Cockpits and Floorplans.

Business Benefits

Analytics Accelerators:

  • Reusable VDMs for green field or brown field SAP PLM/PPM/PS and S/4 implementations.

  • Platform independent VDMs and Embedded Analytics framework.

  • Real-time reporting to achieve operational efficiencies 


Key Topics

  • Review Project System planning SAC Analytics.

  • Review process for integrating Actuals and demonstrate Plan versus Actual.

  • Review Actual Allocation process and impact on PS and Cost Center Accounting.

  • Review process for integrating actual assessment line items to SAC.

  • Review Project System forecasting model.

  • Review Project System plan, actual, and variance SAC Analytics.

All demo slides have not been included. Contact us for a demo.

  • Review High Level Steps.

  • Review Project Creation process and Key Plan Integration Settings.

  • Review process for integrating PS Projects to SAC.

  • Review Plan Allocation process and impact on PS and Cost Center Accounting.

  • Cost Center Plan/Budgeting – Top Down planning in SAC.

  • Cost Center Planned Allocations – Display Credits in SAC.

  • Review process for integrating planned assessment line items to SAC.

  • Review Project System planning estimating model.


End Game: Simple Solution for Integrated Project and Cost Center Planning

Top Down

Departmental Financial Planning by GL Account

(Top down).

Cost Center &

Project Allocations


S4 & SAC Planned and Actual Assessment / Allocation Process


Process Flow of SAC Analytics and Project System and Cost Center Accounting Flow


Review Process for Integrating PS Projects to SAC

SAC Cloud Model to Support an Integrated SAP Project System & SAC Cloud Solution.


Plan Allocation Process: Cost Center Plan / Budgeting (Top-Down)

Departmental Financial Planning Overhead Allocations to

Project WBS elements.

Supported in SAC & Native S4.

Allocation Result

Review Project System Planning Estimating Model: WBS Planning By Cost Element  (Bottom-Up)


WBS Element Financial Planning by WBS and GL Account




Review Project System Planning SAC Analytics

Easy to Create and Use Project Analytics to View Planning Results.


Review Project System Forecasting Model

Flexible WBS Element Forecasting Models to Meet your Needs. No SAP PPM or CPM Required.

Forecast Model

Out of the Box PDB Accelerators

  • Pre-Delivered S/4 and HANA backend data models and APIs to support SAC model integrations with S4.

  • SAC Data Model and Public Dimensions with sample dataset.

  • Planning Input Stories.

  • Data Actions to support planning scenarios such as Allocations and Versioning within Pre-delivered data model.

  • Reporting Stories with Calculations.

  • Commercial Project Management and Project and Portfolio Management SAC solutions are also available.


Proven Customer Engagement Model (4-Panel) 


  • Driving Business Outcomes for BSC

Let Us Leverage Our SAC Landscape to Get Things Rolling ASAP!

Simply Smarter Together

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