Integrated Planning

Showcasing How a Capital Portfolio of Ideas and Projects Can Be Organized, Edited, Prioritized, Planned &

Saved  for Your Approved Budgeted Projects Using EPPM.

PDB EPPM BI Integrated Planning: Capital Planning Models

Optimizing Your Capital Project Lifecycle Through End to End Integration

At PDB, we focus on the customer experience and UX. PDB designed the SAP Project and Portfolio Management BI Integrated Planning Models below to showcase how a Capital Portfolio of Ideas and Projects can be organized, edited, prioritized, planned and saved to serve as the basis for your approved budgeted projects using EPPM.

EPPM Architecture

Organizing the Portfolio of Projects

The Integrated Models Allow You To Select Projects Based on Location, Plant, Division, Company, Etc.

Plan Ideas & Projects

Ideas and Projects Can Be Cash Flowed By Year and Month.

Top Down and Bottom Up Planning

Top Down 

Bottom Up 

Prioritize Projects

Idea Scorecard Results Can Be Included and Drive Included in Budget Flag.

Save Portfolio of Approved Projects

The Approved Budget for Each Idea and Projects Can Be Saved to the Portfolio.

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