PDB Integrated Solution: Commercial Project Management (CPM)  on S/4 SAP HANA

Platinum DB designed the model below to showcase how a job made up of multiple sales orders can be easily be managed using CPM.


How can I manage Jobs using SAP CPM?

Q1: Does your sales organization associate more than ten sales orders to a project (“job”)?

Q2: Does your team struggle with Job Management?

Q3: Does your team struggle to manage change orders?

Q4: Does your team struggle with “job management” reporting to support your customer needs?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, contact us for a demonstration of our Job Management Solution driven by SAP’s Commercial Project Management (CPM) Module.


Interactive Multi-Sales Order Job Management Solution Using CPM 2.0 Overview


CPM Supports

Opportunity (Salesforce.com, SAP CRM) to Project

Close-Out Process

Simplifying Sales Order Job Management Using CPM

Easily Integrate Many Sales Orders To One Project.

Deliver Project Materials

View All

Project Deliveries

Across "Jobs"

CPM Job Status Report Offered by Platinum DB Provides Easy Access To All Sales Order Lines Delivered Against the Project.

Invoice the Delivered Materials

Easy Access To All

Job Invoices

CPM Job Status Report Provides Easy Access To All Sales Order Invoiced Against the Project.

Change Orders

CPM Supports

Customer Change 

Order Process

CPM Change Order Management Report Provides Easy Access To All Risks, Issues, & Change Orders

Job Status Reporting


Order Job Status


Status Reports that Provide Visibility To All Sales Order Line Job Progress

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