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  • Based on SAP’s new MRS 

  • Managing customer and internal services order (PM/CS orders)

  • Analysis for Excel Resource, Revenue and Cost Models

  • Cost estimating models at the order header and operation level

  • Project System integration

  • PPM integration

  • Optimizer Optimization Strategies

  • Web –Gantt Interface




Every business delivers its customer projects using some form of project management tools.. The degree to which projects are efficiently planned and executed dictates the success and outcomes of these projects. Most organizations place a heavy reliance on MS Project and/or MS Excel for budgeting, forecasting, estimating and even scheduling projects.


The Platinum DB MRS Project and Resource Planning and Execution solution facilitates improved customer delivery, cost and resource estimating for projects by combining the usability features of Analysis for Excel and user friendly Web-based front-end.

Business Challenges:


Do you have problems with:


  • Lack of visibility into resource availability

  • Lack of visibility into project status and data

  • Inefficient collaboration across the project planning process

  • Excessive manual data input and errors

  • No standard repository for project planning data

  • Minimal automation of approval process workflow

  • Handling multiple versions of  costing and resource spreadsheets

  • Inaccurate estimates and forecasts as a result of complexity in the As-is selection process

  • Utilizing resources optimally

Business Benefits:


The Accelerated Deployment Solution for MRS helps:

  • Reduce project failure rates through better resource planning –estimating, budgeting and forecasting

  • Minimize project overrun costs via improved project transparency

  • Decrease the number of low-value projects through standard project scorecards and business cases

  • Reduce administration efforts through dashboards and status reorts

Capacity Management

  • Scheduling and dispatching on work center level

  • Level capacity by re-scheduling with consideration of relationships

  • Add resources; capacity based on work center or people


Work load at group level

  • Planned and unplanned orders

  • Employee availability (planned working time, absences, attendances


Skill and Qualifications Management

  • Integration with SAP HR and MRS qualifications

  • Requirements profiles and employee qualifications


Integration with HR Time Management

  • Bi-directional interface with SAP HR (absences, attendances,)

  • Shift schedule information and SAP HCM 

Multi-Resource Scheduling Introduction to Key Functions:

User Interface


  • Web GUI


Graphical Planning Board

  • Powerful GUI based planning board

  • Lean Web UI based Planning board



  • Optimizer engine creates daily schedule based on “cost” parameters



  • Execution Monitoring, Alert Framework

  • Material availability status

  • Availability of the Technical Object for maintenance

Multi-Resource Scheduling Optimization Strategies

Technical Optimization relevant data

  • Availability and breaks

  • Location, start, home address

  • Qualifications


Order Optimization relevant data

  • Service level agreements, priorities

  • Location, customer or equipment address

  • Time window

  • Planned duration

  • Required qualifications

  • Preferred technician

  • Relationships between orders and operations

  • Manually fixed technicians

  • Optimization for teams

  • Travel time via zip code, maps, and GIS

Optimizer Results Example

MRS Go Live in 16 Weeks

What's Included? Solution Scope


Value Added Content

  • Pre-delivered status reports and resource utilization reports

  • Five pre-packaged business add-ins to support resource optimization that establish the framework for future extensions and enhancements


Financial Planning Process

  • Offers a comprehensive process with Excel based tools to support resource estimating and forecasting.


Implementation Accelerators

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Kick-off presentation

  • Scoping questionnaire and options

  • Software requirements

  • Process-flow-documents

  • Delivery content

What's Included? Service Scope


After implementing the Accelerated Deployment Solution for Enterprise Project Planning, you can:


  • Assess investment opportunities for risk and priorities

  • Execute projects consistently to ensures that expectations for quality, timeliness, and costs are met or even exceeded

  • Improve collaboration across customer and project portfolio stakeholders through improved workflow and information sharing

What Does Platinum DB Deliver?


  • Validation of MRS  installation and configuration

  • Scoping using pre defined questionnaire and templates for collecting requirements (Onsite)

  • Deployment of content / templates (Onsite/Remote)

  • Configuration of MRS and PPM  integration (Onsite/Remote)

  • Providing project documents: blueprint, project plan, training documents

  • Training of key users (Onsite)

  • Go-Live support (Onsite/Remote)

What Does the Customer Need To Do?


  • Provide the IT infrastructure (server)

  • Install SAP Portfolio and Project Management and MRS on the development and production environments

  • Customer specific authorization or developments

  • Provide fixed contact people in the business and IT departments

  • Project Management

  • Conduct end-user training, documentation & change management

  • Performance  and integration testing

  • Data migration and cleansing

  • Transport to production

MRS Solution Overview


  • Project Management Integration

    • SAP PS Project System

    • SAP PPM Portfolio and Project Management

    • SAP CPM Commercial Project Management (optional)


  • Staffing Scenarios

    • Capacity Planning

    • Project, Staff Augmentation, Consulting


  • Collaboration

    • Workflow, Online Forms


  • Analytics & Mobility Services

    • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

    • Mobile Solution on Project Basis

Project Based Staffing

PS Network Demand Driven Via MRS Request


  • MRS integrated with Project Systems.  A MRS request can auto create a Project System Network order during the request process.

Lean Web User Interface


  • Via a lean web-based user interface, the Resource Planner gets an overview of the Resources and demands.


Supported Functionality:

  • Assignment processing

  • Employee search

  • Demand Split

Enhanced Web-Gantt: Resource Gantt


  • Enhanced look and feel

  • Flexibility to tailor menus and views and enhanced functionality

Enhanced Web-Gantt: Demand View


  • Visualize staffing per role or activity 

  • Flexibility to change assignment  data, filter, and search.

  • Further enhanced assignment detail capabilities in the WebGantt.

Enhanced Web-Gantt: Staffing View


  • Visualize staffing per role or activity. 

  • MRS provides the flexibility to change assignment data, filter, and search. In addition, the enhanced assignment detail Capabilities in the WebGantt.

MRS Internal Resource Type Outside of HR 


  • Create resources directly within MRS.  (Often referred to as NN Resources). 

  • Maintain employees/employee positions with skills.

  • SAP HCM resources can be transferred to MRS.  

Web-Based Resource Management


MRS includes Web-based user interfaces for resource management.   This user interface supports the following functionality:


Resource Request Creation

  • On the web

  • Via offline PDF form

  • Routing


Resource Request Fulfillment

  • Validation

  • Resource Search

  • Cross Organizational Staffing


Assignment of resources to requests


Resource Manager Cockpit


Employee Cockpit

  • Refinement of Assignments

Professional Services Project Example


Web-Based Resource Management: Request Creation


  • Define a request via the Web UI form


  • Route a Request to the right “organizational unit” responsible for staffing  based on request information such as:

    • Request type

    • Customer

    • Request country

    • Responsible RM organization


  • The process of identifying the right “organizational unit” responsible for staffing is called “routing”.


  • Requester only enters the information he/she has access to and the system automatically passes to the relevant resource manager, and helps simplify the requester’s process step.

Web-Based Resource Management: Dashboard


  • Web-Based Resource Manager Dashboard to manage all requests, Candidates, resource availability, and resource bottlenecks.

Web-Based Resource Management: Create Request


  • Create Request: Request header, Role, and Candidate Information.

Web-Based Resource Management: Overview Page for Resource Manager


  • Resource Manager Planning Board:  Robust, supports demand planning, resource maintenance, access to qualifications, etc..

Web-Based Resource Management: Consulting  Manager View


  • Consulting Manager Dashboard

Lean Web User Interface for the Analyst


  • Lean web-based user interface:

    • The resource planner gets an overview of the resources and the project/order demands.

    • Supported functionality includes assignment processing, employee search, and demand split. 

Enhanced Web Gantt for the Manager


  • Enhanced look & feel

  • Flexibility to tailor menus and views and enhanced functionality

Web-Based Capacity Management Reporting 


  • Integrate HR Organization Structure for viewing customer project demand

Resource Optimizer Engine: SAP GUI  


  • Selecting the right resource with the right skills and in the right location.

Resource Optimizer Engine:  Web-Based   


  • Selecting the right resource with the right skills and in the right location.

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